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Key features

Overview of key features. Explore a live demo when signing up (no obligations or creditcard needed) and see them in action.

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    Form builder

Easily build online feedback forms, surveys and generic forms like contact and signup forms with the built-in form builder. Get more and better responses with conversational forms. A more friendly and interactive way to ask questions one by one, like in real conversations.

    Feedback widgets

Hear directly from your audience right when it happens, not days later. Feedback widgets are short and easy accessible feedback forms that can be shown anywhere on your website. Passive or proactive.

    Session recordings

Remove guesswork, get the next best thing to sitting beside your audience when they browse your website. See where they move there mouse and what catches their attention. See where they click on, and... if they scroll down as far as you hoped to.

    Customer experience monitoring

Don't have a team or the time to extract useful insights from session recordings?
We automatically detect special behaviour and issues like rage clicks, agitated scrolling, broken forms and more and provide you with an easy to read report. This report includes details like which element caused the problem and the session recording for context.

    Text analytics

When collecting feedback at scale, reading every individual response can be a challenge. With text analytics we automatically analyze all unstructured feedback and provide valuable insights. Insights like emerging topics, sentiment, sentiment distribution, locations people talk about and more.

Need more specific answers? Chat with your data, powered by AI.

    NPS, CES, CSAT and summary dashboards

Gain insight in customer loyalty, effort and satisfaction scores with industry leading metrics. View summaries per feedback form and statistics like the number of views, interactions, conversion rate and more.


Creating feedback forms and surveys is one thing, but getting them in front of the right people at the right time can be challenging. With triggers you can laser target the right audience and get more valuable and relevant feedback. For example show a specific feedback form when people who visited the website for more then x minutes leave.

    Funnels & filters

Get straight to the point with funnels and filters. With filters you can easily filter by device type, url, search query, NPS/CES/CSAT score, date, tags and more. Funnels is filters stacked together with conditional logic and shows matching session recordings. Making funnels a perfect companion for your analytics tool.

    Action center

Act on feedback with the action center. Getting feedback about a bug? Automatically (or manually) create an action for the web development department including a visual deadline and all the details they need like meta data and session recordings.