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Find out what people really want,
boost email engagement

Measuring engagement by just opens and clicks doesn't cut it anymore. Start sending messages your audience actually want to receive. Smilejet for email helps you gain actionable insight in what your audience values and craves for.

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Get inspired and validate

Validate email campaign ideas by sending different versions and find out which one your audience prefers the most. Get inspired by the feedback and suggestions you'll receive.

Monitor communication performance

Gain insight in how customers react to emails from for example support or sales agents. Add a small email widget in the email signature of an agent and monitor how customers respond to their communication.

Easy to install, launch within minutes

Once you created a feedback form or template that you like to use, simply copy the HTML in your email editor.

Launch and manage from one dashboard
Launch all feedback forms from one dashboard, even for multiple websites.
Show first question direct in email
Show the first question directly in the email to increase incentive to give feedback.
An easy way to watch feedback from one or multiple campaigns in one central place.
When clicked, the feedback form opens in the browser, you can greet the customer by name and/or fil in several fields automatically.
Designed to fit your brand
Design everything from font sizes to paddings, border colors, (background) images and more to fit your brand identity.

Act on feedback

Collecting feedback is only half the work. Where many survey tools stop here, Smilejet provides you a top tier set of tools to get in-depth insights.

Dive in with AI powered text analytics, NPS, CES, CSAT and summary dashboards to really grasp what is happening in your organization. Uncover actionable steps to improve and stay up to date with customer needs.

Create tasks for teammembers or departments with visual deadlines and attach session recordings for context.

In short, make better and data-driven decisions

Without Smilejet
With Smilejet
-Without Smilejet: You don't know what content people will find interesting.

-With Smilejet: Find out what people are interested in, now and in the future.

-Without Smilejet: Newsletter optimizations are mainly based on feeling and hunches.

-With Smilejet: Discover what works and what does not, get inspiration and increase engagement.

-Without Smilejet: You are not aware of whether and how emails from support/sales departments resonate with customers.

-With Smilejet: Gain insight per support/sales employee into how customers experience communication.

Key features

Self hosted (optional)
Form builder
Text analytics
Question logic
Add response limits
Conversational forms
NPS/CES/CSAT Reporting
UX Monitoring
Action center
Tagging & segments
Automatic translations
5000+ connected apps
Custom design
GDPR Tools
One tag installation
API (coming soon)