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Increase conversion and loyalty, create smooth experiences that people will love

In today's day and age it's harder to stand out then ever before. Smilejet helps you uncover what people need, spot problems, get inspiration and validate ideas, so you can stand out with a seamless experience customers will love.

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Uncover problems

Analytics can tell you a lot about where things go wrong.
However, it's not good at telling you what happens and why.

When you sign up, we start detecting potential UX issues that analytics cannot detect like broken buttons, form issues and special behaviour.

This continuous monitoring provides a step by step report per page with actual "evidence" with session recordings.

Engage with customers

Ask people the questions you always wanted answered with human friendly feedback forms. Make answering your questions more interactive and friendly with forms that asks just one question at a time, like in a real conversation.

Then use top tier tools to analyze feedback and respond. Turn people into loyal ambassadors for your brand.

Get inspired & validate ideas

Get the next best thing to sitting next to your visitors with session recordings. See how (potential) customers interact with your website, spot problems, validate ideas and get inspired.

Automatically detects UX issues like broken buttons, form issues and rage clicks. Listen to your customers with event triggered friendly feedback forms. Includes NPS, CES, CSAT dashboards and other reports like text analytics.

Act on feedback with your team with the action center.

Launch and manage website surveys fast and easy

One tag to rule them all. Install a small JavaScript tag on your website once and launch feedback collection across every page.
Target specific users or launch surveys event based like on page leave, heavy scroll activity, rage clicks and more

Launch and manage from one dashboard
Launch all feedback forms from one dashboard, even for multiple websites.
"Always on" feedback button
Allow people to provide general or specific feedback about a part of the page with a subtle always there feedback button..
Target website visitors
Target by day of the week, device, os, time, language and others. Or trigger on event base like when they leave a page, rage click, when they copy something and so much more.
Launch styles
Launch feedback forms as a popup, slide in, seamlessly embed in the page or share by link.
Designed to fit your brand
Design everything from font sizes to paddings, border colors, (background) images and more to fit your brand identity

Boost content quality

Add small embedded feedback forms like a thumbs up to check if the content you provided is useful. Add campaign and placement data to easily track the results in reports and improve your copy and reduce support tickets.

Get more valuable feedback

Triggers allows you to target surveys and feedback forms to the right people at the right time. For example if people visited your entire website for x minutes or if x seconds past on the current page, ask them if they reached their goals or if they need help.

Act on feedback

Collecting feedback is only half the work. Where many survey tools stop here, Smilejet provides you a top tier set of tools to get in-depth insights.

Dive in with AI powered text analytics, NPS, CES, CSAT and summary dashboards to really grasp what is happening in your organization. Uncover actionable steps to improve and stay up to date with customer needs.

Create tasks for teammembers or departments with visual deadlines and attach session recordings for context.

Key features

Self hosted (optional)
Form builder
Text analytics
Question logic
Add response limits
Conversational forms
NPS/CES/CSAT Reporting
UX Monitoring
Action center
Tagging & segments
Automatic translations
5000+ connected apps
Custom design
GDPR Tools
One tag installation
API (coming soon)